Funeral Services for Willie Jenkins

Brothers, our brother Sir Knight William Jenkins passed away Saturday, August 22. His viewing will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 10AM at Our Lady of Grace Church.

Funeral service will follow immediately after at 11AM.  Please try to attend if possible as Willie contributed so much to our council and the church.

Manatees Baseball Game/ Fundraiser —Fear the SeaCow

KnightsofColumbusThe Manatee’s baseball game is our first fund raiser of the council year.  We have arranged with the Manatee management to offer tickets for $10.00 each.  This gets you a reserved seat, a Manatee baseball hat (value $15.00), a fireworks show after the game and best of all….$4.00 per ticket comes back to the council.  We have also arranged for the Assy Honor Guard to present the colors.

We have reserved 40 seats for this event, but if we sell out soon enough we can get more.  Hope to see you all at the ball game.